Thomas Balzac
1 min readJun 23, 2021


“My Kingdom for an Editor”

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Summer, 2021

This video could be from a hundred years ago on a typical hot mid-summer day in “the city that care forgot…”

The second day of Summer 2021 passed with, both, little and great things happening in the continuing life of the impoverished music composer named Thomas Balzac.

Like the immortal, prolific 19th Century novelist Honoré de Balzac, Thomas’ surname is a nom de plume he uses to submit his compositions for possible publication — similar to how Honoré would submit his novels to European book publishers.

The old failed music composer begins his day as usual sipping coffee and watching C-Span. Often he also posts a Comment about the subject of that morning’s Washington Journal program….

One of 2,000 “Tweets” by the old music composer Thomas Balzac

The composer must has scribed 10’s of millions of musical notations: sharps, flats, naturals, rests — dozens of symbols molded into millions of combinations.

He calls it music; however, the — now — old man has never had a “hit” except 30 years ago he enjoyed a bit of acclaim with his Off Broadway operetta “Sodom” which lasted all of two weeks…

…To be continued (or should it be?)

-30- [“My Kingdom for an Editor!”]