Thomas Balzac
2 min readDec 16, 2022


Hi Justin, since 1999 I've had this online 'net-paper "publication" that's half-baked (no funds to hire a computer guru to fix-up); but in my mind it has a great premise, as I once mentioned on Twitter:

"No government ought to be without censors." (T. Jefferson); however: "'Freedom of the Press' is limited to those who own one" (Liebling). The Internet allows all American citizens to "own" our own newspaper so to speak, such as my effort located online @

The idea is that -- using algorithms, zip & area codes, GPS, etc. -- anyone in the world can "own" their own "newspaper" --where, as in mine, the right column has a few journalism "standards" (AP, Reuters, PBS, BBC...choose your standards from a legitimate list which journalism professionals like myself will devise); plus the local media links...

The center column can have any "original" content the self-publisher wants, including submissions (like those you publish hourly); and the left column reserved for whatever form of "advertising" or product sales, or donation button is chosen if the goal is to make money and not just having a convenient one-stop to get a full array of "news."

Any ideas how to get an HTML pro to help me structure the site properly? It has monetization potential, if you click the "Music & Art" button, it jumps to my YouTube channel (which has 400 of my original videos of the local music and art scene in a popular tourist city, New Orleans).

Clicking my 'net-paper's "Editorials" button jumps to my Twitter comments (mostly on C-Span subjects); and the "News & Views" button goes to my "Medium" posts.... There's also a "Children's Corner"... I imagine you know what I mean?

I'd appreciate it if you had time to take a couple minutes (like you do your submissions) and check it out. Let me know if you think it has potential, Justin?

A 'net-paper -- guaranteed freedom of speech -- for everyone?